Don't Mess With Nature!

Mucking around with nature isn’t good for us. The evidence is all around us for those who care to look.  Yet at so many levels, whether it’s what gets dished out courtesy of government policies, or what the processed food industry, the biotech-infested agribusiness system or mainstream medicine offers most of the time, serious adulteration of nature is what’s an offer.  Because you’d need much more than a thousand words to explain, we thought we’d try to say it in just 4 pictures.  Here’s a link to the image below that you can circulate to your loved ones and wider social network.


You’ve guessed it, mucking around with nature, especially for the sake of profit, is the theme of this week’s ANH-Europe eAlert.

Mucking around with fats – and turning fats into muck

Healthy fats, unhealthy fats, fat ratios…. you thought you knew it – and then the science changed again.  Check out this week’s feature and find out which oils and fats you should and shouldn’t be using, and which ones have transformed into dangerous foods, yet are still sold as ‘healthy fats’.  Also, get the lo-down on the ones you shouldn’t be cooking with, and in the process damaging and turning into dangerous chemicals.  Read more.

Mucking around with transparency

Okay, two out of three of our stories relate to EFSA.  That’s because EFSA, from its pedestal in relatively inaccessible Parma, Italy, is abusing science in such a way as to sanction the worst technology can offer, while preventing us speaking openly about what’s good for us.  And EFSA claims to be independent, open and transparent.  Adam Smith travelled back from Parma this morning and rushed this piece to us, telling of EFSA’s pro-GM public relations effort that was (to use the wording selected by the Advocate General in our food supplements case in the European Court of Justice back in 2003) about as opaque as a black box.  Read more.

Mucking around with evidence that suggests GMOs might be harmful to us

Arpad Puzstai was discredited in the field of GMOs, but his work remains one of the most complete feeding studies on GMOs ever conducted — and yet showed a rash of problems.  Andrew Wakefield has faced a similar attack after raising questions over factors, such as childhood vaccines, that might trigger autism in some children. It seems Professor Gilles-Eric Séralini, the lead author of the latest feeding study suggesting a serious question mark over the safety of GM foods, may be facing the same pressure.  This is no time to stand on the sidelines and watch what happens. Please engage in our Call to Action and let’s pile the pressure on EFSARead more.

Pile it on

Let’s pile the pressure on the regulators.  And let’s continue to do what we can to educate the people around us about the benefits of living naturally.  As Ralph Waldo Emerson once said: ‘the first wealth is health’.  Don’t both try to convince Monsanto or others of its ilk of this.  For them, the first wealth is on the last line of a company’s profit and loss ledger sheet.

Please share, as widely as you can, forward this eAlert using the link at bottom, the picture above and the stories below.  Thank you.

In health, naturally…

Rob Verkerk PhD
Founder, executive and scientific director