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Cordyceps Extract offer 10% Off | Olympic Offer Closes In 48 Hours

The Olympics A Short History Lesson The first written records of the ancient Olympic Games date to 776 B.C., when a cook named Coroebus won the only event–a 192-meter footrace called the stade (the origin of the modern “stadium”)–to become the first Olympic champion. However, it is generally believed that the Games had been going […]

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Cordyceps The Energy Mushroom | Super Charge Your Fitness Naturally

Cordyceps militaris is a strange-looking fungus with a bizarre back story and a hard-to-pronounce name, but don’t discount it without reading this! When you think about it, energy is perhaps the most valuable commodity on the planet. Humans go to extremes to make certain that they have an excess of it on hand, whether it’s […]


5 Maitake Mushroom Health Facts

Medicinal mushrooms have been used in Japan and China for hundreds of years, the most well known of these is Reishi and coming a close second in recent times is probably Cordyceps, but in the west not many have heard of Maitake. Maitake or Hen of the woods as it is known in most English […]

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Cordyceps Militaris Back In Stock

For all of you waiting patiently for our high grade organic Cordyceps Militaris extract to be back in stock the day has come. We are sorry about the wait but due to recent demand we ran out before we had time to get more in but at least it shows our customers know a good […]


Siberian Ginseng Extract Powder | 10% Off Voucher

Siberian ginseng is a plant used throughout history in China and Russia as a herbal remedy, the root of Siberian ginseng is known to stimulate the immune system, increase energy and reduce fatigue and also reduce the time taken to recover from colds and flu viruses. And being energetically neutral can be taken daily. Siberian […]


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